Clocking In

We live in a world where everything is based on the speed at which we can accomplish a goal. Companies market their speed by promising pizza delivery in thirty minutes or less, one day shipping, fifteen minutes can save you fifteen percent. All of these are marketing techniques geared towards a consumer who wants what they want in as little time as possible. Professional sports work the same way; how fast can they run the 40 yard dash, how fast is their fastball, how fast can they drive around the track. Speed, speed, speed; but at the cost of what? Is the 30 minute pizza better than the one that freshly made at the local Italian restaurant? Does the pitcher’s fastball get thrown for a strike or is just fast and wild?

Don’t get my wrong, I like one day shipping as much as the next person so maybe that wasn’t the greatest example; but sometimes it shouldn’t be about how fast we can get the job done, but what we did with the time we had. In past attempts to launch DividuusOne it has been all about how much progress can I make in as little time as possible. Those attempts failed for two reasons; first, that I just plain burnt out. I was trying to go too fast and got tired of the hectic pace. Secondly, I would look back at how I spent my time and reflect upon how I had spent it on all the wrong things.

I am trying to be more intentional with my time this time around. The project may not move forward as fast as I would like, but in return I am going to have more quality work to show for it. For instance, instead of building out the framework for this project as fast as I can; I have intentionally slowed down to ensure that I have time to produce content. That is a major goal of this project and also something I have never been able to because I have been worried about how fast I should be working.

In order to ensure that I am using my time wisely, I am tracking it using an application called ATracker. Each task in my life will be represented in ATracker and with that I will be able to see how I am spending my time. Using the calendar function I can make sure that all 24 hours in a day are accounted for and using the report feature I can see where I spent my time. This way if I spend hours aimlessly watching television when I could be working on things here, I’m gonna be held accountable to that.


This process will go hand in hand with my calendar system as it will allow my to hold myself accountable for the entire day, every day. Not because I don’t want to have fun or have down time, but because I want to know that I am being intentional about how I am using my time and ATracker will be able to assist me with that.

In a world where speed is a top priority, let’s slow down and make sure that we take the time we need, even if it means slowing down.

If you want to check out ATracker you can visit:

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