Mind Sweep for Mindfulness

I have read David Allen’s book Getting Things Done, okay I listened to the audio book but that counts as reading these days for me. I have actually listened to it a couple of times now and have picked up different things each time. I don’t know that I will ever fully implement his system, but I have certainly utilized pieces of it. I personally like the file folder system he uses for the days of the month. When I had that going I felt more organized than I have in a long time, and it is something I will be looking to implement again with this version of DividuusOne.

The other piece of his system that I have utilized is the mind sweep. It’s really the first step in his system, get everything out of your head. When I was younger I thought I could remember any brilliant idea or mundane task that passed through my mind. I am smart enough now to know that was never really the case and it certainly isn’t true the older I get. Instead I need to capture these things in the moment and then reflect and make decisions on them later when I have the time.

The tool that I have found most useful for this mind sweeping process is Bear. Bear is a note taking application and while I am sure there is more that I can do with it, that’s all I need it for. I have created notes for different aspects of my life and every time something pops into my head I can make a note of it in the appropriate note in Bear. These notes represent the first steps in my to do list process and I am able to quickly pull these actions out of Bear to process them. I find the interface to be simple and aesthetically pleasing which causes less distraction and makes me more organized and productive.

Bear Application

Not having to be constantly trying to remember that thing I was supposed to be doing or the blog post idea I had allows me to be more present in the moment. It creates a state of mindfulness so I can be there with my son and my wife both physically and mentally because I know that I have captured what I needed to capture and can review it later on. While I may never fully implement the GTD system, I am thankful that I have implement this part of it and glad that I found the Bear application to put it into practice.

If you want to check out Bear you can visit:


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