Channeling My Inner Doogie Hoswer, M.D.

Growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a show on television called Doogie Hoswer, M.D.; I am sure you have heard of it, after all Neil Patrick Harris was the star. If you don’t know what it is, Doogie was a childhood genius who had become a doctor but was still trying navigate the fun that comes with being a teenager as well. That’s about what I remember anyways, cause the plots of the individual episodes are not what stick out in my mind all these years later. Instead it was one particular aspect of the show that I fondly recall.

At the end of each episode Doogie would boot up his computer and journal about his day. I remember him typing away at the keyboard and seeing the words appear on the blue screen. I was enamored with this because at the time I did not have a computer of my own and I was just a bit jealous. I do badly wanted to a computer like Doogie Hoswer so that I could journal about my day.

Doogie Howser Journaling

A couple of years later I would get my first laptop. It was an absolute brick of a machine, it was huge and it weighed a ton. I am not sure who gave it to me, but it did little more than play solitaire and have a word processor on it. That was enough for me though, I stuck an awesome dragon sticker on it and took that thing everywhere so I could journal about my adventures.

My First Laptop

I probably wasn’t even a teenager yet and, as a bit of a loner, certainly didn’t have anything interesting to talk about; but I would plug in that laptop, power it on, and begin typing. My Dad would poke fun at me, even calling me Doogie, but I didn’t care because that dream of being able to journal on a computer had come true.

Since those days I have started and stopped too many journals to count, both analog and digital; and I don’t have any of those old ones, but I am starting a new one. With DividuusOne beginning today, I want to make sure I am documenting this journey; the ups and downs, the progress and the achievements and for that I will be using the application Day One.

I have used Day One off on and for a few years now and I really enjoy it. I like that the entries are stacked upon one another in a timeline so I can scroll down and look at older entries. I really like that I can include photos or even videos if I want to. And I like that I can export the entries to Evernote so I can back them up should anything happen. I will be using Day One to do a daily preview in the morning and review in the evening, a quote and verse of the day, food journaling, and talking about what is going on in my personal life and here at DividuusOne. I am looking forward to being able to look back and see how far I have come based on these journal entries.

If you would like to check out the Day One application visit:

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